Career consultation: a serious sounding board

The mobility of lawyers and tax specialists has increased considerably in recent years. Split-offs, transfers of whole teams, lateral transfers and career switches to the business sector all bring with them a new dynamic. But who can provide the appropriate sounding board to help you determine what the best course of action is given your particular personal ambitions, so you can steer your career in the direction intended?

At ZumpolleVanderStoel, you will be talking to advisors who have themselves earned their spurs in the legal profession and business world. People who speak from experience and know the current state of affairs inside out.

A switch is not a given for ZumpolleVanderStoel. The conclusion of the consultation may equally well be that a growth scenario within your existing workplace is your best option.

Career advice from ZumpolleVanderStoel is aimed at lawyers, civil-law notaries and candidate notaries, tax specialists, company lawyers, and compliance and privacy professionals — all with at least 3 years’ experience. From associate to partner and legal counsel to general counsel. There are no costs involved.

“Everyone wants to give you advice about your career. The question is how valuable that advice actually is. At ZumpolleVanderStoel, you can be sure you’re talking with people who know exactly what the mores are within the legal, notarial, fiscal and business worlds. We’re familiar with organisations’ cultures and strategies, and can create a match based on both personal preferences and business interests. Independent, passionate and engaged.”

Scipio van der Stoel