At ZumpolleVanderStoel, we strive to develop a long-term and intensive collaboration with clients. Our customers appreciate our personal and pro-active approach; fast, efficient and cost-effective working methods; discretion; and knowledge of both their organization and the market.

ZumpolleVanderStoel has an extensive network across the legal and tax market. This means we are able to present suitable candidates for fixed or interim positions at relatively short notice. Though at the same time it is in our view vital that such candidates not only have the requisite experience and expertise, but also fit within that company’s culture.

Using a variety of different recruitment strategies, we work to find the best candidate or candidates for each assignment. In contrast to the ‘one-size-fits-all’ attitude, our approach (and pricing) is fully focused on the client and specific vacancy or vacancies. This ensures we achieve results you can count on.

After our initial involvement, we maintain regular contact with both client and candidate to make sure that the appointment is proving successful and the candidate has ‘landed’ well.

Interested? Please contact Scipio van der Stoel or Tim Zumpolle.

“We have a great diversity of clients: national and international companies, law firms and notary offices, audit & consultancy firms. Thanks to our personal and intensive approach, we quickly come to understand a company’s culture and know which professional would be the best fit.”
Scipio van der Stoel