Confidence in the outcome

Quality and professionalism

We set the bar high: we strive to be ‘preferred trusted advisor’ when it comes to durable solutions to important, often complex, vacancies and career advice for experienced legal and tax professionals. This means that clients and candidates alike can be confident that we make sure we have a thorough understanding of both sides of the match. We invest a great deal of energy in the intake and search, but also in gaining a thorough understanding of the candidate’s needs and qualities. First listening carefully and engaging at a personal level, and only then offering the appropriate advice. Never ‘pushing’, but having conviction in the quality of the combination we propose.

Integrity and respect

You can count on our complete discretion and respect. We are honest and realistic in our advice. We honour agreements and deliver results. We feel this is the only way to create enduring relationships.

Taking pleasure in our work, having confidence in the outcome

Our consultants all have long track records in the world of legal and other business services, giving them in-depth market knowledge and extensive networks. Underpinned by considerable life experience, people knowledge, creativity and a real love of their work, it enables our consultants to find and realize the ideal combinations.

“We have built our company on these core values. It’s a ‘people business’. Reputation and trust are vital. Especially in times of change and innovation.”

Scipio van der Stoel