Our team is made up of professionals with a law background who have previously worked in the legal profession or international business. Our knowledge of the legal and fiscal sector means we understand what is important to our clients and candidates, and know better than anyone the challenges they face in the current market.

mr. Scipio M. van der Stoel

+31 (0)6 – 5331 9512

Studied Dutch law. A lawyer for 21 years before setting up ZumpolleVanderStoel in 2007. Previously Managing Partner AKD Prinsen Van Wijmen; Managing Partner Wouters Advocaten & Notarissen/Andersen Legal; various international management positions within Andersen and Andersen Legal; lawyer at Barents, Gasille & Mout (now BarentsKrans). CSR: board member, KidsRights.

Scipio van der Stoel on the legal profession: “I’m convinced it’s people who make the difference between one leading firm and another. As a member of the Board of Directors of a large law firm, I found managing and selecting talent at all levels crucial to success. It requires good advisors and, above all, a relationship built on trust. An agency that helps you at the front door can’t be active at the back door. ZumpolleVanderStoel has a strict policy on exclusivity and off-limits, which fits with our aim to develop a long-term, intensive collaboration with a select number of clients.”

mr. Tim M. Zumpolle

+31 (0)6 – 2222 5153

Studied Dutch law. Previously Executive Director NIB Capital Bank; Benelux Management Board GE Capital Fleet Services; Board Member Rabobank International, Belgium; corporate banking & corporate finance consultant ABN AMRO USA and Hong Kong. CSR: volunteer disabled sports.

Tim Zumpolle on company lawyers: “The role of the legal and tax departments has changed drastically over the past decade. The corporate lawyer has gained enormously in importance and appears increasingly to make claim to a permanent place in the boardroom. This calls for different selection criteria. A vision on the interaction between the company and society is at least as important as purely legal or fiscal baggage. A results-orientated approach and ability to collaborate with the business are crucial qualities for a company lawyer. Managing risks and reputation is very important. A company lawyer is also expected to be able to implement technological innovation. A legal search consultant has to assess candidates in a different way and motivate them to step off the beaten path. I use my 30+ years’ experience in business services and my extensive personal network to help clients and candidates who are looking for insight into people, companies, innovation and markets.”