ZumpolleVanderStoel was founded in 2007 by Scipio van der Stoel (former Managing Partner at AKD Prinsen Van Wijmen and Andersen Legal) and Tim Zumpolle (former executive director at NIB Capital Bank), and specialises in finding experienced lawyers, tax specialists, and compliance and privacy professionals for both permanent and interim positions in the legal and notary professions in the worlds of business and finance.

The ideal ‘match’

At ZumpolleVanderStoel we share a passion for creating the right ‘match’. Engaged, with an eye at all times for the strategic proposition of our clients and a genuine interest in talent that is ready for a fresh challenge.

What drives us

We have an extensive network in the legal and tax world, and in-depth knowledge of the market. It is a market that has been rapidly changing in recent years, and a sector in transition calls for professionals who can embrace these new developments, and are prepared and able to play their part in this new environment.

It also places high demands on us as an intermediary: we need to understand the challenges this new era brings, and anticipate accordingly. Listening closely to client and candidate, drawing on our years of experience and knowledge of the market. We know what the expectations are because we have ourselves worked in the legal profession and been part of the international business community at partner and board level. We use our experience, networks and drive to realize the best ‘match’ — because that is where our passion lies!

“What sets ZumpolleVanderStoel apart is the combination of complete focus, engagement with both client and candidates, deep market knowledge and tailor-made working methods. We are entirely focused on the world of lawyers, tax specialists, and compliance and privacy professionals. That is our niche.”

Tim Zumpolle